“It’s a poore sport that’s not worth the candle”, George Herbert, 1561, Jacula Prudentum.

Far from being an expert on 16th Century metaphysical poetry, I got the title for this blog by googling the term “sports quotes”, and Mr. Herbert’s proverb struck a chord. As a Sydney Roosters devotee, a Sydney FC convert, and an Australian cricket tragic who has keenly observed the Michael Beer-Jason Krejza-Rob Quiney era, I reckon I’ve seen my fair share of sport that hasn’t been worth the candle. But why do I turn up? Why would anyone turn up?

There is plenty of faux-expert analysis floating around the blogosphere, so I don’t need to chip in my ill-informed two cents about the on-field action. This blog will take a step back from the pitch and focus on the periphery – the fans, the stadiums, the refs, the bloke that stands at the top of Foveaux St selling his salmonella-flavoured “hot doggies” – and get to the bottom of why people burn their candles on “poore sport”.

I’m a student of Journalism and International Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney, I have contributed to Rugby League Week, Football+ and Vertigo magazines, I’ve spent years abroad in Lancashire and Buenos Aires, and I’m currently on an eight-month trip that starts in São Paulo and ends in Stockholm. I hope you enjoy my blog.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Great blog. I found your site after searching for games in BA and linked through to an Atalanta report, thinking I might go down next weekend for the final games before Christmas etc.

    How have you found the grounds/fans in the Prim B Metro etc as i am more than happy to check out the lower tier, growing up watching non-league in the UK I am happy in the simple things.

    On a related note, I am here from Sydney and also follow the sky blues so there’s a chance our paths may have crossed in the past?


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