Hello, hola, bonjour, konichiwa. Welcome to my blog.

“It’s a poore sport that’s not worth the candle”, George Herbert, 1561, Jacula Prudentium.

Quite honestly, I got the title for this blog by googling ‘sports quotes’, but Mr. Herbert’s little proverb struck a chord. As a Sydney Roosters and Sydney FC supporter, I reckon I’ve seen my fair share of sport that hasn’t been worth the candle. But why do I turn up? Why would anyone turn up?

It’s a question you should ask the 9,738 battlers (well, perhaps a little less than 9,738 when you account for the GST that the Roosters’ gate-keepers customarily add to their attendances) who dragged themselves to Moore Park yesterday for the Broncos’ demolition of the Eastern Suburbs club. Why on earth would anyone forfeit their nice warm couch, brave the weather, and pay for the privilege?

There is plenty of faux-expert analysis floating around the blogosphere, so I don’t need to chip in my ill-informed two cents on the on-field action. This blog will take a step back from the pitch, focus on the periphery – the fans, the stadiums, the refs, the bloke that stands at the top of Foveaux St selling his salmonella-flavoured “hot doggies” – and hopefully get to the bottom of why people burn their candles on “poore sport”.